National School Bus Safety Week | Theme is “Bully Free Zone"
Oct. 17 – 21, 2016

2016 Poster Contest theme is #STOP ON RED!

Winning Posters submitted by C Martin's Bus Service Ltd.

Winning Posters submitted by Barr Bus Lines Ltd.

Winning Posters submitted by Premier Bus Lines

Winning Posters submitted by Renfrew County Bus Lines (2006) Inc.

Poster Contest Details

ISBOA has made it easy for our members to promote school bus safety through a poster contest with local schools during SCHOOL BUS SAFETY WEEK. Please follow the step by step instructions below to raise School Bus Safety awareness in your area through this poster contest.

  • STEP 1: Contact your local school/school board. You can use the following PDF as an instruction guide for principals and teachers. Click here to download the PDF flyer that explains how the contest works.
    NOTE: If you want to include your logo on the poster, please email us at
  • STEP 2: Teachers will run the poster contest in their classrooms according to the instructions mentioned in the PDF flier above and submit the results to you by October 21, 2016. Each operator is encouraged to determine their own approach to prizes for the contest.  In the past other operators have used movie passes and vouchers. 
  • STEP 3: Once you choose the winner, send ISBOA a scan or photo of the poster by October 28, 2016 by email to The winning posters will be published on ISBOA’s website and facebook page by November 3, 2016.

If you require any further information/details, please contact us using this link.

Poster Specifications:


  1. Completed poster size must be 11” x 17”.
  2. On the back of the poster please include the student’s name, grade, teacher’s name and school name.
  3. Do not laminate, use stencils, stickers, tracings, glued paper, wood, plastic, glass, or metal as part of your design.
  4. All drawings and lettering must be freehand.
  5. Do not use any copyrighted characters, photographs, and magazine or newspaper illustrations.
  6. Please print clearly.
  7. Please do NOT roll posters.

Winners will be featured on ISBOA website and Facebook page