Carrier Safety Rating

MTO determines a Carrier Safety Rating (CSR) for each school bus operator based on performance. Collisions, inspections, and convictions, as well as the results of facility audits influence the Safety Rating. For more information on CVOR's click here:

Every school bus company also requires a Commercial Vehicle Operator Registration (CVOR). Operators are responsible for monitoring their CVOR record and the performance information it provides, including violation rates, thresholds, audit scores and resulting Safety Ratings.

The ISBOA has expressed concerns with the ability to fund and prioritize safety in a contracting environment based solely on RFPs.  RFP’s create concerns for the long-term viability and safety focus of student transportation.  For example, routes for the South Western Ontario Student Transportation Services (SWOSTS) Oxford RFP went to bidders with the lowest CVOR Safety Ratings. The highest scores on ACTUAL safety experience went to family-owned independent operators but companies with the highest safety record were NOT awarded any routes.

In the case of SWOSTS, safety only accounts for 5 out of 75 points awarded for technical and 5 out of 100 points overall.  Procurement consultant PPI even recommended that safety ratings be eliminated for future RFPs.

Experience to date has shown that, in an RFP environment, there is no incentive or reward to invest in safety. RFPs are being won on the back of safety and driver wages.