Facility Audits, Regular Inspections and Roadside Enforcement

Facility Audit

In Ontario, the Facility Audit is based on the Highway Traffic Act, and is a record-based review of the operator’s safety-management controls. During a Facility Audit, school bus operations are measured against their stated maintenance policies.  Vehicles are also inspected to ensure that they are compliant with legislated standards, that maintenance records are in order, that drivers are qualified, and that records and logbooks have been filled out properly. 

Regular Inspections

In addition to regular mechanical maintenance and daily vehicle inspections by the driver, a government licenced Motor Vehicle Inspection Station will perform at least two mechanical inspections each year on every school bus in Ontario. 

Roadside Enforcement

School buses are subject to roadside safety inspections.  Unlike other kinds of commercial vehicles, they typically take place at the intended destination rather than at the roadside.  The inspections are unannounced and are routine checks.  The results of the inspection are reported to the driver and the school bus company and can affect the operator's Commercial Vehicle Operators’ Registration (CVOR).