I Stop, You Stop - May 2014 Education Week Campaign

May 2014 Education Week Campaign Report:

Click here to download the report in PDF format

ISBOA’s 2014 Education Week “I Stop You Stop” Campaign was a successful first step in benchmarking province wide stop arm violations. A total of 754* incidents were reported by operators in 21 out of 34 consortia over 5 days (May 5 – 9, 2014).

On average that is approximately 151 incidents per day reported over 5 days (May 5 – 9, 2014).

The following graphs summarize detailed data provided for 69 incidents:

We thank the following consortia for directly participating in this important benchmarking exercise: Bruce Grey | Huron Perth | Thunder Bay | London | Toronto | Eastern Ontario | Waterloo | Sudbury | Renfrew County | York

*685 incidents were reported by operators to their respective consortia and 69 incidents were reported using ISBOA’s online reporting system.

Campaign Introduction:

ISBOA is proud to be collaborating with safety partners across Ontario by launching a province-wide campaign to raise public awareness of the dangers of Stop Arm violations. This campaign originated in Ottawa under the leadership of Kathleen Both of M. L. Bradley in collaboration with Safer Roads Ottawa.

During ISBOA’s April 2014 AGM, Kathleen Both shared her vision with ISBOA membership and the response was amazing.

Click here to view/download Kathleen Both’s presentation from ISBOA AGM 2014.

Campaign Logistics and Roll Out

PHASE ONE | Education Week | May 5 – 9, 2014
Phase One is the Data Gathering and Benchmarking Phase of the province-wide campaign to change driver behaviours with respect to stop arm violations.  By quantifying the extent and nature of the problem, the school bus industry will assist law enforcement agencies and our other safety partners who wish to collaborate in subsequent phases of our campaign.

During Education Week, school bus operators across Ontario are invited to participate in the Phase 1 roll-out of the campaign. In this phase, school bus operators are requested to implement the following procedure:

  • Step 1 – Driver Input:
    Distribute a simple, easy to use “Incident Reporting Form” to all your school bus drivers. Each incident during Education Week (May 5 – 9, 2014) is to be reported using this form.

    Click here to download the Driver form

  • Step 2 – Operator Input:
    All forms need to be submitted back to the operator by May 12, 2014. Once the operators receive forms from their drivers, they then use the following link to complete an online form that reports all incidents back to ISBOA.

    Click here to complete the Operator Form

  • Step 3 – ISBOA’s input:
    We will use the data submitted by operators to generate reports to inform and gain the support of local authorities such as Police Departments, Ministry of Transportation, school boards, and municipalities to assist in coming up with appropriate solutions. There will also be a press release about the Phase One results, which will launch the Public Awareness aspect of the campaign to positively impact student safety.

PHASE TWO | September 2014
Phase Two will use the data from Phase One to broaden the public awareness campaign and target enforcement action.  To coincide with “Back to School”, ISBOA members will be provided with template newsletters, posters, PSA’s, talking points and press releases, to be used in your own communities as you champion the cause locally. Additional details will be available soon.

PHASE THREE | October 2014
There will be a similar campaign during School Bus Safety Week in October 2014. Additional details will be available soon.

ISBOA would like to acknowledge the support of the Great Lakes Transportation Association. The GLTA is a group of school bus owners in southern Ontario who have been producing PSAs that can be purchased through membership.  We invite you to visit www.kidsonthebus.ca/safety-messages/ to view the library of safety videos.