Membership Categories

School Bus Operator Member
Base fee: $150 per company
Route fee: $45 x number of routes (maximum 150 routes)
Maximum route fee: $6750.
Maximum membership fee: $6750 + $150 = $6,900
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Sustainer Supplier Member
Fee: $5000 per company
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Supporter Supplier Member
Fee: $500 per company
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As a business owner in the transportation industry, can you effect change on your own without the benefit of a trade association? Can a Trade Association survive without you?

Trade Associations are born out of the need for industry members to make their views known to government bodies that regulate how they do business. ISBOA has a much more effective voice when everyone speaks the same message over a single business owner. Together we lead, divided we follow!

ISBOA’s 5 year Strategic Plan focusses on:

  • Developing and implementing a solution to the competitive procurement process and one that is viable for the industry;
  • Developing ISBOA into a full service, sustainable association;
  • Restoring a partnership between companies and consortia, that is based on respect and trust; and,
  • Developing a strong unified industry voice.

ADVOCACY AND LOBBYING: ISBOA has developed positions/submissions and is working with governments on:

  • The Procurement Process             
  • Ontario Registered Pension Plan 
  • Driver Turnover                           
  • Administrative Monetary Penalty System
  • 2-Way Hand Held Radios
  • Markings/Lettering on Buses
  • Standard Clauses in Contracts
  • Teacher’s Labour Disruptions
  • 8-Light Implementation
  • Strobe lights
  • Stop Arm Violations

“INFORMATION IS KNOWLEDGE”- ISBOA newsletters provide information on industry and government issues, and what you need to know, e.g. grants
HR Downloads Program; driver training on Anti-Bullying; Log Books; Inspection books; Record of Duty Status and more.

With your peers and with the best suppliers

Assistance solving your problems

Meetings and workshops covering the latest in regulatory and business topics

10 of your peers making our industry better for you and operators: they are prepared to provide support to any member


“…ISBOA provides the resources needed for our industry with a unique perspective dedicated to Independent School Bus Operators… and it has helped save our family business.”

“…ISBOA continues to make strong paths across the province with… a vision to provide cost efficient transportation for our customers…”

“…ISBOA has given us a chance to know Operators from around the Province...ISBOA has a wealth of knowledge on the School Bus Industry and we are lucky to be able to tap into all of that.”

“…You are our main source of information…”

“…Sharing experiences and best practices with my colleagues…”

“…ISBOA keeps me informed about what is happening in the school bus industry in other areas of Ontario…”

“…Support and a sense of industry community which hasn't been there in years…”

“…I feel the information provided by ISBOA on government information, regarding school transportation, is the best value I receive for my company…”

“…Leadership in the school bus industry…”

“…I appreciate the strong advocacy that the ISBOA provides for my company…”